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 2014: The DNA of a Television News Story: Technological Influences on TV News Production, Electronic News 2014 8: 198
DOI: 10.1177/1931243114557596



 2015:  Broadcast Modernity: Cuban Commercial Television 1950–1960, American Journalism, 32:3, 374-376, DOI:10.1080/08821127.2015.1064700

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 2016:  Digital Broadcasting: An Introduction to New Media, Digital Journalism, Jo Pierson and Joke Bauwens (Eds.) New York:  Bloomsbury, 2015, pp. 176.

ISBN 9781847887412

DOI: 10.1080/21670811.2016.1153346

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 2014:  Making Air with a Magic Bullet: The Multimedia Journalist's Impact on News Production: AEJMC Conference 2014, Montreal, Canada



 2016:  Keeping Your Conscience Without Losing Your Head: The Pressures of a Multimedia Journalist in a Television News Production Environment. Southern States Communication Association Convention 2016, Austin, Texas


              *Top Faculty Paper in Mass Communication Division





 2017:  (PRDV, MCSD) PF&R Panel Pre-conference Workshop: Wading through the Waters of Fake News and Alternative Facts, AEJMC Conference 2017, Chicago, Illinois




2018:  Panel Moderator: The 2018 Digital Showcase: Sights and Sounds of the South,

SSCA Conference 2018, Nashville, TN. 

2018:  Panel Chair:  "Follow Your Arrow": The Sounds of Identity, Expression, Reality and Representation.

SSCA Conference 2018, Nashville, TN. 

2018:  The MMJ became a McJob: The McDonaldization of Multimedia Journalism.

SSCA Conference 2018, Nashville, TN. 

2018:  No One is Watching: Millennial Disengagement from the Main Stream

SSCA Conference 2018, Nashville, TN. 

2018:  The Candy Bar - CHEAT TEST: SIX reasons why journalists take the bait of "Fake News"

SSCA Conference 2018, Nashville, TN. 

2018: Panel: Reconciling a (New)s Agenda:

          The Relationship Between Reporting, Research, and

          Politics in the Trump Era

         AEJMC Conference, 2018, Washington, DC. 

2018: Panel: Communicating Environment, Health,

          and Science Related Risks Across Sociocultural


         AEJMC Conference, 2018, Washington, DC. 

2019: Political Cash Cows: US Television Stations Remain Relevant and Lucrative Because of Political Campaigns, “The Future of Democracy in the Digital Age,” 4th International Conference on Communication & Media Studies, University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany

2020: CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19: Political Ads:  Political Advertising is a Windfall of Profit for Television Stations, Mass Communication Division, Southern States Communication Association Conference, Frisco, TX.


 2020: The Impact of Multimedia Journalism on Ageism in Television News - Commodification and the Anxiety of Aging in the Newsroom, Applied Journalism and Media Studies, pp. 1-27, DOI: Appearing online 2021, and in the print edition 12.1, 2023.



 2020: (Book chapter - forthcoming)

 Keeping Commercial Television Stations Afloat Despite Convergence and COVID-19:  How Local TV Maintain Their Cultural and Economic Status. In Magda Pieczka (Ed), Advertising, Public Relations & Culture, An International Perspective, Routledge.  COMPETITIVE REVIEW – MULTINATIONAL COLLABORATION (Untitled)



 2020: (under review) Political Cash Cows: The Profitability of TV Political Advertising and the Florida Senate Race of 2018, Journal of Political Marketing, Taylor and Francis, Philadelphia, PA.



 2020:  Encyclopedia Entries (3):

Media Ownership, Sinclair Broadcasting Group and Nexstar Media GroupEncyclopedia of Journalism; ed. Borchard, G.A., Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage publications


2020: (August 2020). G-Men Heroes and Deep-State Thugs: Analysis of Hollywood’s Historical Representation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (poster). Entertainment Studies Interest Group Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Conference, San Francisco (virtual conference).  


Cummings, D.C. (forthcoming): Beyond the Bias: The Hegemony of Corporatizing Journalism, The Handbook of Applied Journalism and Media Studies – Investigating Journalism Practice Across Regions and Cultures, Leon Barkho, editor, Intellect Books.


 2021:  G-Men Heroes or Deep State Thugs: Hollywood's Historical Representation of the FBI, July, 2021, Vol. 21 (Issue 1): pp. 58 – 80, ISSN: 1070-8286, Taylor and Francis, Philadelphia, PA.


Dean Cummings - BEA Award.jpg

2020:  The MMJ became a McJob: The McDonaldization of Multimedia Journalism.

KOME − An International Journal of Pure Communication Inquiry, Hungarian Communication Studies Association. DOI: 10.17646/KOME.75672.54

AEJMC - Conference (2021)

Panel Organizer/Panelist

  • Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication - Mass Communication and Society Division & Electronic News, Professional Freedom and Responsibility Panel Session. (2021)

  • Panel: Problems or Possibilities? Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching Skills Courses Online in a Pandemic.

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