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 2014: The DNA of a Television News Story: Technological Influences on TV News Production, Electronic News 2014 8: 198
DOI: 10.1177/1931243114557596



 2015:  Broadcast Modernity: Cuban Commercial Television 1950–1960, American Journalism, 32:3, 374-376, DOI:10.1080/08821127.2015.1064700

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 2016:  Digital Broadcasting: An Introduction to New Media, Digital Journalism, Jo Pierson and Joke Bauwens (Eds.) New York:  Bloomsbury, 2015, pp. 176.

ISBN 9781847887412

DOI: 10.1080/21670811.2016.1153346

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 2014:  Making Air with a Magic Bullet: The Multimedia Journalist's Impact on News Production: AEJMC Conference 2014, Montreal, Canada



 2016:  Keeping Your Conscience Without Losing Your Head: The Pressures of a Multimedia Journalist in a Television News Production Environment. Southern States Communication Association Convention 2016, Austin, Texas


              *Top Faculty Paper in Mass Communication Division





 2017:  (PRDV, MCSD) PF&R Panel Pre-conference Workshop: Wading through the Waters of Fake News and Alternative Facts, AEJMC Conference 2017, Chicago, Illinois




2018:  Panel Moderator: The 2018 Digital Showcase: Sights and Sounds of the South,

SSCA Conference 2018, Nashville, TN. 

2018:  Panel Chair:  "Follow Your Arrow": The Sounds of Identity, Expression, Reality and Representation.

SSCA Conference 2018, Nashville, TN. 

2018:  The MMJ became a McJob: The McDonaldization of Multimedia Journalism.

SSCA Conference 2018, Nashville, TN. 

2018:  No One is Watching: Millennial Disengagement from the Main Stream

SSCA Conference 2018, Nashville, TN. 

2018:  The Candy Bar - CHEAT TEST: SIX reasons why journalists take the bait of "Fake News"

SSCA Conference 2018, Nashville, TN. 

2018: Panel: Reconciling a (New)s Agenda:

          The Relationship Between Reporting, Research, and

          Politics in the Trump Era

         AEJMC Conference, 2018, Washington, DC. 

2018: Panel: Communicating Environment, Health,

          and Science Related Risks Across Sociocultural


         AEJMC Conference, 2018, Washington, DC. 

2019: Political Cash Cows: US Television Stations Remain Relevant and Lucrative Because of Political Campaigns, “The Future of Democracy in the Digital Age,” 4th International Conference on Communication & Media Studies, University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany

2020: CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19: Political Ads:  Political Advertising is a Windfall of Profit for Television Stations, Mass Communication Division, Southern States Communication Association Conference, Frisco, TX.


 2020: (revise and resubmit) The Impact of Multimedia Journalism on Ageism in Television News - Commodification and the Anxiety of Aging in the Newsroom, Western Journal of Communication, Taylor and Francis, Philadelphia, Pa



 2020: (Book chapter - forthcoming)

 Keeping Commercial Television Stations Afloat Despite Convergence and COVID-19:  How Local TV Maintain Their Cultural and Economic Status. In Magda Pieczka (Ed), Advertising, Public Relations & Culture, An International Perspective, Routledge.  COMPETITIVE REVIEW – MULTINATIONAL COLLABORATION (Untitled)



 2020: (under review) Political Cash Cows: The Profitability of TV Political Advertising and the Florida Senate Race of 2018, Journal of Political Marketing, Taylor and Francis, Philadelphia, PA.



 2020:  Encyclopedia Entries (3):

Media Ownership, Sinclair Broadcasting Group and Nexstar Media GroupEncyclopedia of Journalism; ed. Borchard, G.A., Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage publications


2020: (August 2020). G-Men Heroes and Deep-State Thugs: Analysis of Hollywood’s Historical Representation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (poster). Entertainment Studies Interest Group Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Conference, San Francisco (virtual conference).  

2020: Planned for October 2020:

“Social Penetration Theory and the Spam Correspondence of the Presidential Campaign” has been accepted for the Fifth International Conference on Communication & Media Studies, at University of Toronto.


 2020: (under review) G-Men Heroes or Deep State Thugs: Hollywood's Historical Representation of the FBI, Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, Taylor and Francis, Philadelphia, PA.



2020:  (revise and resubmit)  The MMJ became a McJob: The McDonaldization of Multimedia Journalism.

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