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"True wisdom comes to each of us when

we realize how little we understand about life,

ourselves, and the world around us. "  

                                                                   - Socrates

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Recent Highlights


G-Men Heroes or Deep State Thugs 

Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture

July, 2021, Vol. 21 (Issue 1): pp. 58 – 80

ISSN: 1070-8286

Favorite Award Winning Project

Faculty Video Competition - BEA

18 Holes with Jimmy Hanlin - Chambers Bay

Won Regional Emmy

           Sports - Daily or Weekly Program (2015)

This episode aired nationally on Fox Sports One.

Dean Cummings was the producer/writer/editor of 18 Holes with Jimmy Hanlin.  

The show continues to air nationally via Fox Regional Sports Networks.

Thank you Fox SportsTime Ohio and Jimmy Hanlin! 

The Script:

Eagle Fund - Promotional Video

Award of Excellence

Broadcast Education Association (2017)

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