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Creative Scholarship - 2015 - present

Emmy Winner

18 Holes with Jimmy Hanlin - Chambers Bay

Won Regional Emmy

Sports - Daily or Weekly Program (2015)

This episode aired nationally on Fox Sports One.  Dean Cummings was the producer/writer of 18 Holes with Jimmy Hanlin.


The show was also nominated for Photography/Non-News.

Eagle Fund - Favian Upshaw
2017 Festival of Media Arts
Faculty Video Competition
Promotional Video Category
Award of Excellence
- Broadcast Educators Association

Cleveland Convergence (2007-2015)   Owner: Dean Cummings

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Emmy Nominated

2011 Nomination

“Cleveland Indians Fan Camp” – Videographer/Editor,

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – Lower Great Lakes Chapter

2012 Telly Award: “Indians Fantasy Camp”

    – TV Program – Videographer, Editor – 

       SportsTime Ohio.

2014 Emmy Nomination (Historical/Cultural Program or Special)

“Cleveland’s Gateway”

 - Director of Photography -


National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – Lower Great Lakes Chapter

Emmy Nominated

2010 Emmy Award

(Sports – One Time Special)

“Par 3 Shootout”

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – Lower Great Lakes Chapter

A Cleveland Convergence Production aired on SportsTime Ohio

Emmy Winner

2009 Emmy Nomination

(Sports – One-Time Special)

“STO Cares – All Stars Among Us”

 - Videographer -

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – Lower Great Lakes Chapter

2010 Telly Award:

“STO Cares – All Stars Among Us”

 – Videographer, SportsTime Ohio.

Emmy Nominated

 Edited "Sizzle Reel" and commercial spots for PGA to advertise Valhalla 2014.

office pictures 001.jpg

Cleveland Convergence

produced University Hospital's

"The Health Difference" ad series

from 2007 to 2013. 

at progressive field.png
Tribe time.png

                  Do What We Do                    

  Documentary of the 2008-2009 Cleveland State Vikings 

                             NCAA Tournament run                        

                      - solo journalist/producer /writer -               

         Europinion Election         

        Documentary on 2008 Election         

               WKYC - TV 1999 - 2006                

       Medical Miracles - Medical Producer    


Emmy Winner

Medical Miracles:

The series was produced by WKYC-TV in

collaboration with Cleveland Clinic

from 2000 - 2006

We produced 32 half-hour documentaries.

When the series began I was the photographer/editor but after two other producers left the series, I became the producer/writer/photographer/editor from 2002 - 2006.

Yes, I was a one-man band producing the shows from 2002-2006.

My mentor, Dennis Goulden, produced the first season and I'm eternally grateful for his teaching, wisdom and experience.  I could not have had a better mentor to teach me the ropes of producing a documentary with the challenges of balancing the interests of corporate marketing representatives against journalistic ethics.

New Frontiers in Research 2004

One of my favorite shows.

I enjoyed producing Medical Miracles.

It was a great experience meeting patients, scientists, and doctors. 

I liked the challenge of finding creative ways to tell their stories.

Emmy Nominated - Writing

Pandemic: When the Flu Hits Home - 2005

The fear of the bird flu (H5N1 virus) inspired WKYC-TV to produce this production. 

I produced this like the Medical Miracles shows, as a one-man band.  I traveled to Cornell University, hired my nephew to help me lug the gear, and was very happy with the result. 

I enjoyed the research, the interviewing and the writing more than any other piece. 

This is the first segment of the show.

WKYC-TV (1999-2006) - The Browns are Back. (Producer/Photographer/Editor)

  WKYC - TV (1999 - 2006) - Documentary Unit    

  WKYC - TV (1999 - 2006) - Special Projects Unit   

WZZM-TV (1998) - Video Journalist - Assignment Manager

  WWMT-TV  1992 - 1998  (Producer/Photographer/Editor)

Angels Among Us -
Won Emmy for Single Topic Program
Michigan NATAS
Emmy Winner
A Week in the Fields
Won Emmy for Single Topic Program
Michigan NATAS 1997

       Rare on-camera - WWMT-TV        

1992 & 1996

Associated Press Individual Photojournalism Award Winner

 More Old News Stories - WWMT-TV  - Video Journalist

  WSTM-TV, 1989 - 1991      News Photographer/Editor

We seldom save the day to day stories. 

Here are a few very old favorites.

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