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Every life is full of complicated nuances.  My life could be summed up in "phases" of development. 


Phase 1: As soon as I received my Master's degree I began my first professional job in 1989 at the NBC affiliate in Syracuse, New York. 

It was a great experience.  TV News became a passion.  I was lucky to work with an amazing group of journalists at WSTM-TV.  We were young and eager.  I worked with Jim Axelrod, Matt Mulcahy, Elizabeth Frani, Betsy Sykes and Bick Barnett.  I had some very good mentors in Frank Rossi, Jim Kenyon, and John Nicholson. They were tough and old school.   Their demeanor rubbed off on me and I still retain their focused passion.


From there, I traveled to Michigan (WWMT-TV) to work at their Lakeshore Bureau.  The 24/7 grind of working at a bureau was challenging but rewarding.  I enjoy the adrenaline of journalism and being a part of the community.  Lake Michigan is one of my favorite places on Earth.

The bureau closed in Holland, and so now I had to commute to Kalamazoo daily.  It was a grind. So, I went to the competition, WZZM-TV (Grand Rapids), to work the assignment desk as the Assignment Manager. 


Guiding news coverage for our station was a great experience. Managing people, especially news people, is not easy.  My favorite GM, Janet Mason, inspired me and she gave me lessons on how to be a good boss.   Cheryl Grant and Bill Dallman led our newsroom as a team.  It was a great work environment.


The streets were calling.  After a year of being cooped up in a newsroom, I became antsy to get outside, meet new people everyday and tell their stories, so I headed to Gannett's sister station in Cleveland, Ohio (WKYC-TV). 


WKYC-TV was where I was at my best.  I had great mentors, good friends and Cleveland became home for 16 years.  I transitioned from daily news to long-form documentaries and programs.

Phase 2: Cancer patients can give you the perspective and inspiration you need to take a risk.  Life is short so make every moment count. After working on 31+ medical documentaries, I decided to go back to school and earn a PhD.


It wasn't an easy decision. Recently, I went through my own cancer crisis of melanoma, plus my wife's fight against brain cancer lymphoma. In hindsight, the decision to leave my job seemed reckless.  Especially, when I decided to get my PhD in Scotland...eventually, it was England.  I started at the University of Stirling and finished at Sheffield University.  

Dr. Jairo-Lugo Ocando took me under his wing at Stirling and when he moved to Sheffield University I went with him.  Without him, I doubt I'd finish the PhD. 


Phase 3: To fund my PhD, I created my own video production company, Cleveland Convergence.  I was able to produce videos for the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, PNC, Telling Industries, Fox Sports, Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians and many others. 


I loved working with the Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Indians.  Being on the sidelines, covering a Browns game, was a thrill and something I will always cherish.

Phase 4:  Finally, the road less traveled reveals a new life and the attainment of goals.  I am teaching at Georgia Southern University and enjoying the fantastic academic environment.  My new inspirations revolve around research and teaching. 

After all of that, I hope to give students the inspiration to achieve their dreams.

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Multimedia Journalism

Televsion News Gathering Influences


University of Sheffield, UK

PhD in Journalism

Dissertation: Television News Construction in Converging Environments:  Emerging Paradigms and Methodologies.

Newsroom Production Efficiencies

The affects on ethical journalism.

Elimination of Craft Individuals from News

The impact of the multimedia journalism on production.

Economic Influences on Journalism

Corporate pressures on local TV stations.


Syracuse University

MPS - Media Administration


Rochester Institute of Technology

BS - Motion Picture Science

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