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Visiting Professor - WPTV


As Week 2 ends, I’m glad you saw the professional side of Sales, especially Political. Great analogy, Political is like Day Trading. High energy, and super stressful. Especially in a Florida market. Day in and day out Dave handles the whole operation, and he’s amazing at it. He's super organized, strategic and uses art and science to finalize our logs throughout the whole election. He’s on guard watching every rate, and every corner where each spot lands. It’s a daily flurry of activity, and it just keeps coming. Again, he’s amazing, and it takes years to be as proficient at it as he is. I do appreciate him everyday. (He can also cut a good cake!)

We have a great group of people, and we are for sure an eclectic mix of strengths and personalities.

Justin is the closer. This guy goes out and brings the money back. As a manager, he's a no nonsense guy, he just expects he’ll find a way to get it done. I can say that in 2 years I’ve never had a member of his team talk negatively behind his back, or not follow his lead. He’s steady and solid, kind of our department Rock. We’re better when he’s around, the numbers move in the right direction.

John knows the Digital end better than all of us, and he’s lead our team to 120% of our Digital goal this year. Don't know for sure, but I keep hearing we’re only one of two in our whole group making digital budgets. Digital is incredibly important, but it isn’t an easy task keeping the reps eyes on it when you have such a powerful TV station. John is always available, creative and has demanded equal time. I also admire how he’s made sure we've gotten to our goal.

What can I say, our Managers are the best! In the market, nationally, and in our building. It’s almost a guarantee that your day will be better, financially and otherwise if you have a chance to work with these guys. I’m grateful and proud to say I’m part of their team.

Your final blog entry quote I will take with me...

“If I learned anything this week, it’s that professors need to show the way and not block the path.”

Thanks again for sharing Dean. Your recaps have been a fun reminder of all the goodness we have at WPTV.

See you soon in Georgia!



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